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Going faster at Bass in strong wind

5 years 10 months ago #64 by Alistair
Alistair created the topic: Going faster at Bass in strong wind
Hamilton and I (sailing at combined weight of just over 17 stone (110 kilos)) found the strong winds quite challenging this season. What we have learned to keep the boat flat is the jib has to be eased with the main when over powered (assuming all other controls have been used to flatten the main and increase twist. Initially, easing the jib would appear to affect our pointing but the faster speed improved our VMG. If the main alone was eased the jib would exhaust straight into it slowing the boat. Easing both sails maintained the slot making the boat faster while keeping the boat flat (we did plane upwind at one point during Bass week).

With our centre main, as crew, I was able to play both sheets at the same time (whilst hiking), leaving Hamilton to concentrate on steering.

Any other tips from this windy season?

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