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Bolton Graduate Open Event

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On Sunday 11th October 2015, Bolton Sailing Club hosted the Graduate sailing dinghy open with boats as far afield as Kent entering the event.

The wind was a South Westerly force 2/3 with gusts to 4. In the first race the top Graduate sailors all jockeyed for position on the start, but the usual GP14 sailors (in a borrowed boat) Julie and Chris Waddington took full home advantage to keep in clear air and speed off making the top mark first closely followed by the chasing pack. The Waddington's held the lead as they went behind the island but as the boats came back, it was the pairing of Steve Blackburn and Rhea Burton (in Grad 2917) in front followed by Ben and Gabe Hill (3018) and the rest of the pack in close contention. The positions stayed the same until the boats once again emerged from behind the island with Steve and Rhea 1st the battle was on for 2nd and David Ivins and Holly Brooks 2878 had fought their way through the pack after a disappointing start to take second with Ben and Gabe second, the placings stayed the same to the finish. Julie and Chris Waddington had to retire with a massive boat failure and took no further part.


2nd race with the wind dropping slightly saw even closer racing between the top 3 boats with the boats tacking and gybing to cover each other all the way to the finish line. Blackburn/Burton took the honours again followed by Ivins/Brooks with the Hills in a close 3rd

3rd race and the wind had dropped considerably which meant ideal weather for the light pairing of Ivins and Brooks who led from start to finish with the Hills 2nd and Dave and Liz Wilson 3rd.

The prizes went to 1st Steve Blackburn and Rhea Burton from WLYC in Southport. 2nd David Ivins and Holly Brooks from Bolton and 3rd Ben and Gabe Hill from WLYC in Southport

Bolton Sailing Club would like to thank all the competitors who competed in today's Graduate open.

Steve Blackburn & Rhea Burton win the Bolton Graduate Open
Steve Blackburn & Rhea Burton win the Bolton Graduate Open © Richard Craig /

Photos © Richard Craig /