Graduate Dinghy Association

The Graduate class is fortunate in that there is an "open sailmaking" rule. This means that any sailmaker may produce sails for the Graduate, so long as they "measure".

This creates a healthy competition between sailmakers to create the best performing triangles, at competitive prices.
The main sailmakers are listed below, with short rundowns of their pro's & con's...

Pinnell & Bax (P&B)
P&B Sails have won the nationals every year since 2015. Need I say more?
A nice deep main helps give you plenty of power.
RRP: Jib £296.80 / Main £707.31 (often discounted - check website)

Coming from the guy behind the "Roosterized" Grad, these sails have fallen slightly out of favour since Steve moved on from the class.
RRP: Jib £259.99 / Main £600 (often discounted - check website)

Morgan Sails
A sailmaker with perhaps less pedigree than the big brands, but gaining popularity in recent years - is this just down to the price?
RRP: Jib £250 / Main £570

HD Sails
Jim Hunt & Andy "Taxi" Davis are well established in many fleets.
They haven't quite cracked the Grad fleet yet, but we do see the occasional boat sporting HD Sails.
RRP: Jib £330 / Main £830

North Sails
With a 2nd at the 2018 nationals, and 4th in 2019 - a set of Norths are far from the worst thing you could throw at your boat.
RRP: Prices not listed - contact North Sails for a quote

Edge Sails
Edge tends to make a slightly flatter cut sail, which would be good in very light or very windy conditions.
RRP: Prices not listed - contact Edge Sails for a quote

Tim Harper
Tim has gone a little quiet since his nephews Ben & Gabe moved on from Grads - the boys never lacked pace with his sails.
RRP: Prices not listed - contact Tim for a quote

(Prices listed above correct at time of posting, however they may change - check sail loft websites for the latest sail price)