Graduate Dinghy Association

On the 12th of May 2019, we had our Chipstead Sailing Club annual Graduate Open Meeting. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and the wind was coming straight down the lake from the East. Race Officer Richard Ball set up a figure of eight course with a committee boat start and we had fourteen Graduates on the water.

Race one turned out to be a bit of a lottery and the wind was very light in the morning. There were five boats over the line, so the RO called a general recall and put up the black flag. John Clementson, Bob Murrell and Ric Lewis were all in top three places in lap one, closely followed by Roger Cherrill.

The wind had oscillating shifts and I can remember a moment on the downwind leg when I saw my burgee slowly rotate in a complete 360 degrees. Alan Warren & Debbie Saunders had been a bit line shy in race one, but managed to catch up in lap two and move forward two places to secure a third with Bob & Maggie Murrell in second and The Graduate National Champions John Clementson & Melanie Titmus finishing first.

Race two was after lunch and I was very happy to see that the wind had started to pick up, but it was a game of snakes and ladders. Ric Lewis was in the lead of lap one followed by Alan Warren and Rob Riddelsdell. The gusts were coming and going and at one moment you could be sailing with the gust and catching up with the fleet, to then come to a hault whilst the boats behind you catch up.

John Clementson managed to catch the right shifts and move forward three places in lap two, Bob Murrell moved forward two places in lap two and then another place forward in lap three and Alan Warren went back three places in lap two, but then went forward two places in lap three to finish third again.

In race three we had terrific sailing conditions and although the wind was still a bit shifty, we had a lovely breeze and we were all hiking out hard. Ric Lewis was first in lap one followed by John and Bob. Alan Warren did not have a great start, but still moved forward five places in lap two to secure him a third once again.

I presented prizes to the top three boats and The Clio Trophy to John and Melanie and then thanked the RO, safety boat drivers and other volunteers.

The feedback we received from sailors was that everyone had a great day.

Overall Results:


Pos Boat Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 Pts
1 G2962 John Clementson Melanie Titmus 1 1 1 1
2 G3020 Bob Murrell Maggie Murrell 2 2 2 2
3 G3022 Alan Warren Debbie Saunders 3 3 3 3
4 G3008 Ric Lewis Sandra Jordan 4 4 7 4
5 G3000 Andew Hubble Charlotte Hubble 6 5 4 9
6 G2962 Roger Cherrill Sarah‑Jane Critchley 5 7 6 11
7 G3016 Rob Riddelsdell Sally Riddelsdell 7 6 8 13
8 G3015 James Webber Helen Recardo 11 9 5 14
9 G2928 Chris Swinchatt Sarah Harwood 8 10 10 18
10 G3009 Peter Boulden Sarah Boulden 10 8 11 18
11 G3014 David Lockwood Kadriye Lockwood 9 11 12 20
12 G2832 Mike Hall Tamsin Hall 12 12 9 21
13 G3021 Gareth Colesmith Polly Colesmith 13 13 13 26
G2969 Sebastian Naughton Henry Naughton 14 DNS DNS