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Is it a new grad or an old gradwa

Back in the 1970's and early 80's I was a keen grad sailor, out almost every weekend. i purchased an Alpha kit in the early 80's but half way through the build life intervened, new job, new house, family, so there it sat in my garage gradually covered in "stuff". It then migrated to a shed wher, at some stage, the roof leaked.

now, over 30 years later, I am retired, I started sailing again ( I bought a wooden Solo) and I have resurrected my 1980' project which is now decked, gunnels attached, and I am preparing the bottom for finishing.

At this stage I would welcome some advice. I am wondering whether to give her an epoxy barrier coat, or proceed directly to paint, and, if paint, which is best. I have googled and read so much about this I now feel completely confused. Any thoughts be welcome.

my aim is to have her on the water in the spring. I sail at Silverwings which has one other Grad, a brand new fibreglass boat that looks brilliant.